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Trainees receive awards and gifts

In 2017 Safeplan Uganda received a cosignment of carpentry tools and started training young boys and girls aged 15-30 years in carpentry.  11 boys and 6 girls qualified and the function was graced by Hon, district chairperson Masindi District and other officials during the tools award giving ceremony thanks to for the generous support forwarded to Safeplan Uganda Organisation.

Sustainable Energy for Rural Homes

Cost Effective Energy  Efficient technology has become an important part of climate change adaptation especially to vulnerable African poor nations. Promoting energy efficient cooking & lighting technology is a key to achieving sustainable development goals. Poor families can not improve lives when they can't save energy, reduce cost, have good health and acquire better education.
The pressure for affordable energy cooking stoves in rural areas has risen more than urban areas, becuase rural people are poor and are not allowed by the forest rangers in the gazetted forest land so they can not buy charcoal, firewood gas or electricity. A sustainable solution is required to fight poverty by reducing the cost of energy needs for the rural poor,
Safeplan Uganda's approach is to promote and market energy efficient technology to the underserved communities in the rurals areas.
The technology provides safe, cost effective and efficient cooking technology for all.

Beekeeping for sustainable livelihood

Honey is a product got from bees. The worker bees collect nector from flowering plants to make honey, In the recent years honey has become very lucrative business for vulenarble people in the rural areas.

Honey comes with numerous values but above all medicinal in nature, it has natural sugars and its by product can be used to make candles.

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People Reached

What skills are appropriate to vulnerable young mothers in the community?

Vulnerable girls acquire a life time skills in Tailoring another opportunity for everyone

Skills training as a tool for positive youth development.

With the highest population being young people below 30 years of age, job scarcity and high population growth rural people will never reach their full potential without increasing access basic skills training  to improve their daily earning.
An appropriate skills training is a very important as one of the ways of improving the productivity of youths to foster social, economic and political development. Especially female youths who are very vulnerable and more so the ones who missed out opportunity becuase of social, economic and other challenges they face during their teenage years.

How does skills training transform to real business?

Income for rural girls and women

Providing skills training

Providing skills to vulnerable youths and girls is one thing but trasforming the skills acquired into cash is a different task all together.

Workbased training can provide real life experience of the purposes of skills training. Hands on training that build customer relationship, communication, determineation in business is vital to improving the lives of the trainees.

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