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Trainees receive awards and gifts

In 2017 Safeplan Uganda received a cosignment of carpentry tools and started training young boys and girls aged 15-30 years in carpentry.  11 boys and 6 girls qualified and the function was graced by Hon, district chairperson Masindi District and other officials during the tools award giving ceremony thanks to for the generous support forwarded to Safeplan Uganda Organisation.

The art of Institutional energy stoves

Energy ccok stoves has become an important part of climate change adaptation especially by vulnerable African poor nations. Promoting energy efficient cooking technology is a key to achieving sustainable development goals. Poor families can not improve lives when they can't save energy, have good health and acquire better education.
The technology provides safe, cost effective and efficient cooking technology for all.
A complete institutional stoves

Energy for rural homes

The pressure for affordable energy cooking stoves in rural areas has risen more than urban areas, becuase rural people are poor and are not allowed by the forest rangers in the gazetted forest land so they can not buy charcoal, firewood gas or electricity.

Energy efficient healthy and cost effective solution is required to fight poverty by reducing the cost of energy needs by rural poor,
Safeplan Uganda approach is to empower the people with skills so they can manage the supply of energy technology always and whenever needed.

Honey for sustainable livelihood

Honey is a product got from bees. The worker bees collect nector from flowering plants to make honey, In the recent years honey has become very lucrative business for vulenarble people in the rural areas.

Honey comes with numerous values but above all medicinal in nature, it has natural sugars and its by product can be used to make candles.
There are alot of activities taking place at Safeplan Uganda Organisation. In the snap shot below you will learn about these activities and if you would like to reach out to us or findout more about out activities please use the Contact page to ask for more information.
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