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Who we are

We are youth led, community based organization registered in Masindi district since 2012. Masindi town is located mid-western part of Uganda 216km from Kampala city and 40km off Gulu highway from Kafu river.

The organization was created to empower youths especially women to increase productivity, poverty reduction, improved standard of living and job creation.

What we do:
We mobilize youth/ women and other vulnerable groups to challenge poverty by acquiring skills for Social economic Livelihood. We offer trainings that empowers single and young mothers and youths between the age of 15-32 years and all women about their rights particularly their economic, social and cultural rights and a right to a decent living.

Our programme areas:
  1. Health:
  2. Education
  3. Environment
  4. Gneder
  5. ICT


More than 100 bee farmers now produce more than 100Kg of honey per year for sale earning almost 800$ annually from bee project.

In 2014 100 primary schools benefited from free reusable sanitary pads that they are using up to now this has increased the attendance at school and reduced the cost of buying sanitary towels always. 20 members received passion fruits seedlings and vegetables and they are earning more than 20$ per month from fruits and vegetables.

The latest activities of energy saving solutions is a new project aiming at supporting rural communities with low cost energy saving technologies of solar lights and cooking has reached more than 100 families since June 2017.

The projects are monitored in terms of increment on numbers of beneficiaries and income they earn as a result of being part of the initiative. Change in behaviour in terms of knowledge and usage of services like children learnt reproductive health skills now they know how to protect themselves from risky sexual behaviours.



Equipping youths with Skills for self reliance
At Safeplan Uganda

We offer equal oportunity for second chance education for all. Both girls and boys are encouraged to take up men dominated skills training as part of their careers. Many girls have developed interest in these skills becuase it offers prioritised employment opportunity today at workplace becuase of gender equalities curently promoted in the society.

Safeplan Uganda organisation is non descriminatory organisation focusing skills for under saved vulnerable people in rural areas. The organisation scoups from most vulnerable, abandoned and in far to reach areas to improve their lives so as to improve their families.

 Activities conducted in 2017/2018

  1. Promotion of renewable energy technology This project is ongoing it supports the distribution and sale of energy saving cooking stoves and lighting technology both lanterns and solar home systems funded by ENVenture Enterprises organisation
  2. Empowered Entrepreneurship Training 2017, this project support women entrepreneurs engaged in the distribution of energy saving and lighting technology hailing from nine (9) district in mid-western and northern Uganda funded by VISIONARIA network.
  • Carpentry tools and carpentry skills training was conducted, this project is ongoing funded by Stitching Gereed Germany.
  1. Gift fund support from EILEENFISHER to support the development of website and scale bee farming project donated by EILEENFISHER company.
  2. Refugee based training programme February 2018; 20 women groups attended a five day training in the construction of improved energy saving cooking stoves called “Lorena “in Rhino camp refugee settlement in Arua funded by ENABEL (BTC).
  3. Training 12 HIV positive women living in Moroto district and 15 youths in the construction of improved energy cooking stoves Lorena.

P. O. Box 74, Block 17/3
Kijura Railway Quarters
Masindi Uganda.

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Our approach:
Use of Energy Efficient technologies
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