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Safeplan Uganda Approach

Empowering Women to Promote the use of Energy efficient cookstoves

Women Empowerment

We buid the capacity of women to forward their ideas and views freely and without hinderance.
We can demonstrate their ability to lead and serve others this is our strenghth to uplift and improve to its full potential.

Energy efficient cooking technology

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Bee Keeping

What is bee farming?

Honey our pride

Women in honey production
With beekeeping activities women engage in honey production for sale which provides them ample them time to participate in other productive activities in the community. Bee farming can promote women empowerment to find better income spending less time than earning factory wage of low as 1 USD per day
This is important as it enables them meet their family needs like school fees, scholastic materials whuch keeps their children at school.
Common uses of Honey
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