We empower the youths and women with skills and knowledge to increase the social economic livelihood in Masindi and other parts of Uganda.

Why we do it

Poverty is highest among young people than the adults. 
Young people and women especially those living in rural communities are deprived of many opportunities compared to their counterparts in the urban setting. Such limitation includes lack of job opportunity coupled with low level of education, lack of market for their agricultural products also associated with poor farming skills and practices, poor social support system like schools, health facilities social amenity which does not support their natural development to compete with other counterparts who have access to these features. 
Because we are the community, we are the solution to our problems.

Where we work

We work in Masindi district, in Uganda, our projects have been implemented in Kinogozi and Karujubi, Miirya and Budongo Sub counties.

We have also implemented projects in Rhino Camp refugee 
settlements in Arua district, Bidibidi refugee settlement in 
Yumbe district and Moroto district in the Karamoja sub region.