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 Osmaan Mahmood, Founder & CEO of Prestige Awards, said: “although small businesses may not be able to compete with multinational companies on their size and scale, there is a personalised service-driven focus that is often void from large organisations.”
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Budongo Women Bee Enterprises-(BUWOBE)

Safeplan helps the women organize themselves into a savings group and connected them to new market opportunities through high value processing of honey into cough syrup, candles, soaps, and lotions. 
Using the Prize funds, Safeplan was also able to package all of our expertise and knowledge about beekeeping and business skills into our handbook, 

A bee farming handbook for rural women

Budongo Women Bee Enterprise is an enterprise led by women and for women, founded in Budongo Sub county in Nyantonzi Village in Masindi District by Safeplan Uganda
Budongo sub county is one of the districts with the highest number of sugarcane growers in Masindi, as major earning with very little agricultural activities. Normally, the agricultural activities are left for women, youths and children this has left a large gap on food shortage in the community. 
With BUWOBE project, Safeplan Uganda aims to find alternative work opportunities for women outside of the sugarcane industry, which is the primary source of income in the surrounding region.

Thanks to The Young Women Transform Prize 2018Safeplan was able to expand Budongo Women Bee Enterprises (BUWOBE), a beekeeping collective, which was established in 2013, and upgrade the products the group enterprise sells. We conducted three trainings for 30 BUWOBE members, 26 of whom were young women, on bee farming skills, business skills, and leadership skills.

A bee farming handbook for rural women

The two times award winning project Budongo Women Bee Enterprise was first recognized in 2014 by Seedinitiative Africa  and in 2018 by The Young Women Transform Prize 2018 , the Youth Power Learning supported by USAID.

How can bees improve lives?

Bee pollinates our crops and we get high yields on the crops we plant improving food security in the community.

Bees collect nectar from plants to produce honey which we sale to improve our income.

The honey produced by bees helps to treat colds and cough which reduces our cost of medical support.

Bees pollinate all plants without segregation which supports the green plants to grow and absorb carbon from the atmosphere thus reducing the effect of climate change.

BUWOBE Project creates jobs for out of school youths during lockdown.

Budongo Women Bee Enterprise creates jobs opportunity for youths out of school. For more than three months now, all schools are shut down a move to stop the spread of COVID-19 imposed by the government.
Dorcus and Justus have been working at Safeplan Uganda for 2 months, packaging honey and producing herbal syrup where they earn token to keep for pocket money once the schools open,

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Community Led

Everyone in the community is concerned.
The youths work with elders to make a beehive in Nyantonzi Village in Budongo sub county.

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We want to reach1,000 young mothers to increase their income from honey and honey byproducts, empowering them to have more access to healthcare and social services, nutritional food, and educational opportunities that will improve their lives. 
Moreover, with more bees in the community, more trees and crops planted to support them, food production increases, the effects of climate change and deforestation are reduced, and the overall environmental quality of the area improves.

With your help we can reach our goal!


Support Women With Beehives in Masindi Uganda.

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