Our story

We believe in the power of young people to create 
SAFER WORLD tomorrow. 

How it all started...

Safeplan Uganda was founded in 2012 with aim of creating sustainable jobs for young people, promoting life saving technology including energy products while reaching most vulnerable women and youths with social economical project for sustainable rural development. 

Problem St​​​atement

We first started by identifying the problems and needs of the community, in terms of health , environment , gender equality , education and ICT .

Sustainable Development Goals.

We use multi stakeholder approach to align our objectives to  Sustainable Development Goals.

While focusing on  1 No poverty , 5 Gender Equality, 7 Affordable clean energy and 13 Climate Action.

Our community led approach has showed good progress in achieving our objectives.

Our story has just begun and 
thanks to your help 
it continues to grow every day. 

Take a look at our photo gallery and relive with us the steps we have taken together.

You will find memories, emotions and successes that have brought us here today. 

Honey Harvest Season Feb 2024

The Budongo Women Bee Enterprises In Uganda

Safeplan Uganda is proud of Budongo Women Bee Enterprise's initiative now impacted hundreds of...

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2024 plans

Join us to start the new year in full force!

We have good plans for 2024, Three groups comprising of technical team, political leaders and civil society...

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