Celebrating Joan Kabakama in Safeplan Uganda

Joan the lady

Joan holds a diploma in Public administration and management from Ibanda University. Before she joined Safeplan Uganda, and after her graduation, she was only staying home, the zeal and strength to show her social skills were burning and she couldn’t wait to take any opportunity ahead of her.

Who is Kabakama Joan Meleth?

Kabakama is a young lady aged 25 years old, working at Safeplan Uganda as a Finance and Administrative staff since January 2022. She started working as a volunteer to manage the grant extended to Safeplan Uganda by WEDO for Gender Justice Climate Solution, a project proudly funded to raise the voices of women who are challenging climate injustice in Sugarcane dominated District of Masindi in Uganda.


What is Social Works?

"Working in community is so interesting, I have never regretted joining social works learn which is why I love this Job" says Joan.


Joan and Mr Pande Board member

Joan and Mr Pande Board member

What are her characters?

Joan is a principled lady, administrator and straightforward. She is brilliant and authoritative, she is powerful and she is a leader.

"We love her"- Says Daniel-Program Manager. "She is one person who will lead everyone irrespective of age and qualification, she is compassionate, accommodating, and self-directed, Joan is a lady who cares about others she will leave to see peace and harmony at all times. She is Inspiring!"

How It All started!

In July 2022, when the project funding for climate Justice finally ended, Joan quickly identified a backyard measuring 50X50ft, she set up an eggplant garden, prolonged drought dried all the seedlings, this couldn't stop her after spending a lot of her money and her time watering and mulching.

Her ambitions were high, she mobilised herself and started all over again, on the onset of the second rainy season in the months of August and September 2022, she planted eggplants adding Cucumber. Joan is surprised with the yield of her 8 plants of cucumber which she harvests every 2 days up to 30 kilograms and selling each a kilo at 4,000 (1$) surpassing her initial expectation on Eggplants.

Joan's Plans

To date, she has generated more than 500,000Ugx ($150) more than 3 times her monthly allowances after the project funding had ended, to date Joan is supplying major hotels in Masindi with Cucumber earning her up to 30,000 in revenue every week.

Joan is now confirmed as an Account Assistant, she has strong ambitions of hiring up to 2 acres of land to practice farming while working with Safeplan Uganda. With 2 acres of land she will be able to raise up to $1,000 every 3 to 4 months from the harvest of Cucumber and Eggplants.

Joan plans to upgrade and acquire a degree in Social works and also acquire additional qualifications in financial management, so that she can train more young girls backyard farming.

Joan shares her experience

"There is so much to learn from social work and daily living, multi-tasking your skills can double your income" - says Joan - "Working and adding small agricultural work or small handcraft activity in your daily job is a good idea in supplementing your daily income."

The demand for Joan’s cucumbers is now beyond her supply, as her cucumbers are of good quality and in high demand in major hotels in Masindi, she is looking forward to expanding her gardens so she can sell outside to major cities around Uganda.

Ambitious plans and determination will lead you to success.


The Girl Who Changed Backyard to a Farmland

Joan the Girl changed how Safeplan Uganda Staff view farming
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