Volunteers Increase Productivity at Safeplan Uganda

Who is a volunteer?

A volunteer is anyone who is willing to assist or help another person or group of people with goods or services which benefit the receiver normally at no cost or without expecting return.

Volunteers normally offers their kind assistance in various forms, physically, emotionally, financially or steward to his/her recipients, this can be done online or onsite by the individual or group of individuals.

Our Network of  Volunteers!

Since 2019 Safeplan Uganda has been working with various local and international volunteers. These relationships have enabled Safeplan Uganda to improve its organization performance.

The volunteers have helped to produce tremendous results such as producing organization financial policy, improving accounting system, shaping our presence on social media, developing human resource policy manual and giving general guidance on other organization activities.

Safeplan Uganda have been working with volunteers from Moving worlds, Ayni Cooperazione and other individuals who choose to offer their skills and expertise to the organization.

The beautiful and eye-catching website of Safeplan Uganda was developed with the help of Chiara Cattaneo, assisted by Chiara Giordani -  a web developer.

Our accounting system was organized by Jacopo Fava, Social Impact Consultant | Responsible Tourism expert at Moving Worlds.

To see Safeplan Uganda activities on social media please thank Federica Sibilla, an Italian Global Marketing Expert based in Germany.

To reach more women and communities with Gender Just Climate Solution - all appreciations to Maria Angeles Lopez, a Spanish Sustainability Manager based in Germany and Lindsey Jones Renaud, a consultant. The Gender Just Climate Solution project aims to raise a collective voice of women to demand their rights to property and put pressure to reduce sugarcane plantations in Masindi. To read more about this project please visit Gender Just Climate Solution.

Safeplan Uganda has a great experience with volunteers from across the world. We invite you to read more about each volunteers contribution to Safeplan Uganda here at Volunteers.

Jacopo Fava


Federica Sibila


Chiara Cattaneo


Federico Hinrichs


Chiara Giordani


Emanuele Matricardi


María Ángeles López


John Okeefe


Jack Foreman


Obbo Henry

Link Me

Lindsey Jones Renaud



MovingWorlds operates a global platform that convenes partners from all sectors to build a more equitable, just, and sustainable economy by empowering social enterprises, and the people working with — and within — them.

To request for volunteers please visit https://movingworlds.org/.
To learn more if you have a project with Moving Worlds click Movingworlds experteering and request an intro with a volunteer.

Ayni Cooperazione

The story of Ayni Cooperazione begins with Chiara and Ivan in Genova, Italy and with their dedication and passion for social causes. Both young founders have sustained various roles in social organizations – as volunteers and managers alike. Their mission: promote international volunteering as a tool of personal development and social change. With the Ayni Network, they bring the development world closer to those who want to make change. Read more on how to request a volunteer.

The Article was published by: Akena Daniel-Safeplan Uganda

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