Women in Masindi use Boda Boda to Sell Honey.

What is Boda Boda!

Flexible | Affordable | Less Cost.

Easy transport, which Saves time!

If you visit most parts of East Africa and Uganda, in particular, you will literally observe everyone using boda boda as a convenient, flexible, and affordable means of transportation.

You ride more than 400km to your village, you can take your children to school, to church, go to work, or even make money by using a boda boda.

boda boda transport in Uganda
Safeplan Uganda Staff head to the field in Masindi Uganda

*So what is boda?* 

The word boda is a popular name given to bicycle or motorcycle transport in East Africa.

Riders ferry persons or items of luggage on a motorcycle in exchange for money.

This transport system originated from one man who lived in the border town of Busia, which separates Kenya from Uganda in the eastern part of the country. Accoridng local stories.He used to transport people from the Kenyan side crossing to the Ugandan side (Boda to Boda) using a bicycle; however, when motorcycles became popular in the 1990s and 2000, this transport trend changed from bicycle to motorcycle.

Why Po People Use Boda boda?

Convinience & Cost.

Less costly, flexible and time Saving!

In 2019, with support from Volvo and partners, Safeplan Uganda acquired its first brand new Boda Boda of type ‘Yamaha brand’, which is simple, efficient, and long-lasting. A powerful machine that can move up to 70 km/hour

This powerful machine from Japan, ‘Yamaha’, has changed the outlook of Safeplan Uganda and all its operations.

With barely 38,000km now, if we were to hire a vehicle only four times a month for field work, at $40 per trip of 100km, this would transform to $0.4/Km.

With our powerful machine, we have saved over 57 million in five years or 10.7 million every year.

"This has become a very popular transport system in Uganda and East Africa, making movement simple, affordable, and flexible".

Let's save the environment. Let's use Boda Boda.

Thank you, USAID and Volvo, for buying a motorcycle for SafePlan Uganda.

We can now move 100k—10 times more—at much less cost.

Safeplan Uganda Staff pose with their Boda Boda
Joan-Finance Manager and Keneth Field Coordinator at Safeplan Uganda offices.
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